OMAR SANTANA Omar, Rip It Up ep 320kbps


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Omar, Rip It Up ..its in digital its on juno downloads


thanks ....i hope some one can get me the rest in web 320 kbps ..omar santana is awsome

Continued the search, deleted the link posted above, combined all 3 tracks I can offer from this release in 1 rar file:

"A2. Take Me Higher"
Got it full length version of this track from scene release (Homely, WEB, CBR 320 kbps) of this compilation:

"B1. Hype The Funk"
Artist name for this track can also be "Queens Boro Crew" (Omar Santana + Scott Brown grouped) as appears in [H2O08] release:

Full length alternative can be found @ one pretty exotic CD compilation:
Once again, CBR 320 kbps rip was available @ Corebay site less than a year ago - now links r dead :(

So the most lengthy one (3:44) I could find is the one from:
... that I converted from lossless.

"B2. Hype The Happiness"
Showed up only as just 1:09 length track in recent tight-mixed CD compilation (50 tracks per CD, lol):
.. that had VBR -V0 scene release from wAx. Considering the length difference, hardly it's an alternative to initial 5:03 vinyl release version.

omg man thanks so much this is epic thanks oh this made my day

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