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Please reupload realese(:



Fresh mirrors.
Seeing this is the first and original post for this release (there has been a few) I'm dropping my mirrors in here.

Still working from my old post:

New links, including many new / lesser used hosts:

My old links got DMCA'd or expired, I uploaded some more :)
I am aware many of these will die within the first 2 months, some should survive a bit longer ...
Another mirror can always be made ... give me a shout if you want another mirror.
Good luck.

LOL. What did you? Trying to find as many useful upload site as possible?

Wanted to make some mirrors and decided to integrate a host test.
Gives me a chance to see how long files last and what's DMCA'd quickly.
Allows me to get an idea of what extra free hosts I can throw in here and there as a mirror.

There were a handful that had upload issues or failed to upload as well, plenty of hosts to chose from :)

It's that time again...

Still working from my old posts: (but it's SLOWWWWW)

New links uploaded December 2020: (should be permanent, if it's down, try again later) (requires email to get DL link making it useless) (3 day expiry as free user, just a host test at this point) (multi upload host)

DMCA and file expiry will kill many of these ... some pass the test of time ;)
Good luck, have fun and feel free to message me if you have other hosts you want these mirrored to.
Let's fight the expired files (and DMCA takedowns)!

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