Mark With a K - Hysteria Extended Mix


KonFish, I don't have Noize Junky in my collection. What do they call their mixes? Original Mix and Extended Mix, right?

First releases from Noize Junky were being released full-length mixes in most of cases and they were named as Original Mix / Original / Original Version / Extended Version / Extended Mix and it's easy to find these names in streaming services or webstores. Last release I found on this label, where longer version is webstores-exclusive and shorter one is streaming services-exclusive and both these versions are called by alias, is Fear of the Dark by Mark with A K & Warface feat. MC Alee. These aliases are Extended Mix and Radio Version and they seem to be the closest to the truth ones, because latest names of shorter ones aren't named by streaming services and they aren't being sold in webstores.

Yes, I realized there is no mix name of Hysteria to be found on the net. Thanks for the good explaination.

Alpha Flight 19701, I don't have Noize Junky in my collection

I've got 78 releases of this label in WAV-format, if interrested please create a label-topic so i can post them there ;)

Sounds good, many thanks for the offer. Noize Junky is far away from the top of my to do-list but I will come back to you in case.

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