madonna - like a prayer (brisk & ... rmx)

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I really hope someone knows this one, like I said I can't even find it on youtube. So here goes trying to describe it.
I've selected drum'n'bass for genre but this is mostly because it didn't have any 4/4 beats in it, I think. You might as easily call it UK hardcore (the nuskool kind, not hellfish or what have you), or happy hardcore. I know it was played by dave skywalker for instance.
It featured the madonna vocals, was remixed by brisk & someone else I can't remember but even there I'm not quite sure (it might have been brisky or hixxie or something...)
oh, and it's about 10 years old I would think (2012 or older)


both not it, thanks for the effort though
the name stompy sprung to mind after I posted it (so maybe brisk & stompy remix)

so here I went writing another super-lenghty description associating it with this and that when it finally hit me... I found the one I mean: the short version being: it wasn't Brisk & Stompy but this one (by Bustin & Skampy, discogs did the rest) (for reference, obviously not the full track here)

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