Love Decade - So Real (Hardcore Mix) (lossless)

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Catalog number: GLOBE106
Year: 2007

Information taken from love_decade-so_real_(hardcore_mix)-globe106-web-2007-ukhx as Discogs does not have anything about this version. Perhaps someone got it back in the day?


could this be the Breeze & Styles mix ?

Definitely the Breeze & Styles Remix, if you type in on Youtube 'Hardcore Remix' it comes up with 'Love Decade - So Real (Hardcore Edit)' which is the breeze & Styles Remix.

From the .nfo:
01.Love Decade - So Real (Hardcore Remix) (05:45)
02.Love Decade - So Real (Styles & Breeze Remix) (06:27)
03.Love Decade - So Real (Kuta Remix) (06:54)

Hmm, that is a strange one. I have only ever heard the B&S Remix, wasn't fond of it either.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this mystery.

My ukhx version the Hardcore mix is the b+s remix and the b+s remix is a slower version

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