Lisa Abbott ‎– Blow Me Away (CDr) [wav or flac]


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Year: 2005

I know that there are Soulseek users who have this cd ripped in flac, I wish someone could upload it here


Yes, i'm not at home. In a few hours i will look it.

One of the nicknames is Scramoutcha, and the filename is "Lisa Abbott - Blow Me Away - 2005 (CD -FLAC -Lossless)"

That means it's available on the Redacted private tracker. Either pass their interview process or buy him a rare and expensive vinyl in exchange for it.

I couldn't find anyone else with it.

Ah, I had banned this guy, that's why I did not find his files. He's one of these *trade only* guys.. I wonder why these folks are on Soulseek at all. Anyway I won't be able to get it.

Anyway thank you very much, friends!

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