Last Of The Mohicans vs. Orbit1 - Luvstruck


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Catalog number : 247HC030
Year : 2010
Quality : Lossless digital

Discogs says it's from Last Of The Mohicans & Al Storm (and not from Orbit1).
Don't know what site is right... It sounds like both of them could have collaborated on this. If you know more, give info please :)


All other sales site state Al Storm and as the 24/7 Hardcore Bandcamp page is confusing in general I tend to say it's not by Orbit1.

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For 24/7 Hardcore releases it's common that they have 2-3 different covers on different sales sites or are changing covers within time.

anyhow, I hope my upload is fine, and suits the request :)

Thanks dude, request filled.

I think Alpha wanted confirmed info about proper/actual artists for the track, not need help finding or d/ling it from deezer.
That compilation on bandcamp is just a compilation and much later one. From other similar releases at bandcamp it seems they don't put too much effort and there can be all kind of typos.
Anyway, the whole original 247HC030 single's credited to Al Storm vs Last Of The Mohicans + from Orbit1's discography it's unlikely he would be a co-producer of a track in year 2010. He seems to be active at a bit earlier years, at other labels and mostly with releases that were still avl. at vinyl

Some specific sounds in this track may suggest that Orbit1 was involved in it, but it seems more likely that it was Al Storm.

Where did you even get the information that orbit1 was associated with this track? A google search gives 0 results in that regard (excluding this very request)

man, i'm as blind as a door mat

Too much computing, too less sleep and getting old has the same effect on me.

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