Josh & Wesz - Jwz!

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Year: 2008 ?

Searching for this track 12 years allready...

People probably don't even know this track exists.


Searching too... :(
And this track too, Josh & Wesz - Crowdpleaser (Extended Mix), released as an edit on the Qontinent 2013 CD...

I agree but we're talking about the same artist and I don't think these tracks will be released in the future... :(
But if you prefer I create a new request, I can do it ;)

Alpha can you please close this ?

I allready got it for years i see lol

Its the same as : DJ Vortex Featuring Da Rook MC - Bassdrum (Low-E Rmx)

I leave that in the middle, cause on a party back in the days (2008) I asked them in person they said it was called jwz! And why is the sample i got then called like that ?
So they gave it a different name that I was not aware of.

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