Jamie Ritmen ‎– Run To Heaven (Rob Rescue & Age O Remix)



That's why you should find and request scene releases. Both discogs and e.g. https://junodownload.com/products/1640162-02 say track's length should be 5:54 and this matches length stated in nfo of Jamie_Ritmen-Run_To_Heaven_(UKDD0021)-2010-WEB-EMH

So that's what you should be looking for, with matching length and 320 kbps _actual_ quality. But random upscaled crap (is it vinyl/cd rip, webrip? Who knows) turns out to be fine by you, ok

Anonymous request creator, anonymous with latest "320 kbps mp3 here" upload

my upload is fine so you tell to my ass coz its the only thing that gives a shit.

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