JAKAZiD Feat. Barry Scott ‎– Cillit Bang


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Discogs or other URL:http://www.discogs.com/JAKAZiD-Feat-Barry-Scott-Cillit-Bang/release/832081
Catalog number: 0724WBNUK


Please re-upload these releases :)

Thx in advance!

Seems this has never been filed properly, except maybe by Blau.

The Discogs link leads to the WEB version which has 8 tracks. The CDr uploaded by other people only has 4 tracks, CD 5 tracks.

Would this mean that a re-upload wouldn't be fulfilled? Or would the re-upload be accepted as it is the closest thing that has been offered?

I'd put the request to open status but this is in the decision of the mods.

based on discogs, the full release appears to have been split up depending on the store. I bought it on AudioJelly (around the time of Cillit Bang's release), and it has all 8 tracks.

Yeah, I noticed the reupload action didn't clear it properly



Thank you

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