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Ok, here's the story.
Back in the days when the famous belgian show "Ravezone" ( presented by DJ's Kristof & Kevin from Club X ) was on air every monday evening on radio Atlantis ( sequel of Channel X ), I recorded many cassettes from it by tape recorder.
Later, I started to digitalize anything that remained ( I frequently taped over previous ones cause of not having enough cassettes :P ).

There is a track though that I just can't seem to find.
I've uploaded it on Zippyshare so you can pre-listen it ( the best thing is you also download it so the link doesn't expire too soon :PP ).
In the beginning you hear DJ Kristof say: "... echt hard, maar luister maar eens naar de B-kant, track nummer 3"
In english that is: "... really hard, but listen to the B-side, track number 3"
Here's the link:

So that is the only info I have. It's the 3rd track on a B-side and it should not be older than 2001 cause I think that's the year Ravezone was stopped.

Ps: Actually it's a terror track but since that genre isn't available, I had to pick hardcore. Calling this track speedcore would be over the edge.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out with this!


nice track, but cant identify even who the artist...

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