ID This track!!

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This was labeled as Danny Danger - For the Kill but i know its not that track. would love an ID!.mp3.html


maybe it is 'For The Kill (Weaver & Suae Remix)'. Just buy that EP. It is definitely 'For The Kill (Weaver & Suae Remix)' or 'Trust Me (Weaver Remix)'. The problem is that the track is wrong linked on deejay, trackitdown or youtube. And I don't know who I can trust.

look, 'For The Kill (Weaver & Suae Remix)' here on sounds like 'Trust Me (Weaver Remix)' on deejay

So according to deejay your mp3 file contains 'For The Kill (Weaver & Suae Remix)' and according to youtube it is 'Trust Me (Weaver Remix)'.

On junodownload and imorecords it is 'For The Kill (Weaver & Suae Remix)'

Or: (Danny Danger - For The Kill (Weaver & Suae Remix)) sounds like (Danny Danger - Trust Me (Weaver Remix))

awesome, thanks! very, very helpful!

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