[HUDSCD009] Joey Riot & Kurt - Lethal Theory The Classics

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Discogs : https://www.discogs.com/Joey-Riot-Kurt-Lethal-Theory-The-Classics/release/5747978
Catalog number : HUDSCD009
Year : 2014
Quality : MP3 320 kbps


Hey man could you please reupload? the link is dead

I just discovered that the version from above is upscaled. It's probably from the shitty BC/Labelgate guy who regularly upscales.

Maybe somebody could upload a better one. Preferably ripped from this own CD.

Would be great.

Also it would be good if you upload small files at least on krakenfiles.com or whereever. Anonfile is overused and hardly useable at times. If you want you can also part large files, there is an option for that in Winzip/WinRAR.

ps. There is no hurry, like always

That is what i used to do, split them. But then i had a few PM's from users asking to upload them in one part, so went back to Anonfile.

I prefer Kraken myself, it's quicker and more stable. Only changed due to pm's :)

Fuck those pms. Krakenfiles is objectively faster and more reliable. Also I can't think of any reason why people can't download and properly use split files.

Btw, the Lethal Theory - The Classics mp3s you uploaded are the upscaled ones I mentioned.

I am happy to accommodate all dude, from now on i will upload both split and full using both Kraken and Anonfiles.

Did you download them from rutracker? I am very certain that's where they came from. I need to set a desktop up at home so i can rip and upload daily, instead of waiting till i am in work.

No problems, i can rip in Wav monday Sir :)

thanks :D

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