Hixxy & Sharkey - Toytown (Bass-D & F. Noize & Potato Remix) (Original Mix)


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Link (Discogs.com or other)*: https://bonkersrave.bandcamp.com/album/toytown-bass-d-f-noize-potato-remix
Catalog number *: Bonkers - BONKERS003
Year *: 2023


Looks like he grew up with the Bonkers series and didn't realize hard electronic music "developed".

I think he's totally missed the point of why they used the samples, I think it's very well done personally. Apart from using those effing screech kicks.

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Had a look at the Bonkers Bancamp, and looks like they're doing a 'Legacy' series, so hoping we get lots of those unreleased tracks and special Bonkers remixes of tracks!

Hopefully it's not just tracks taken from Sharkey's Anthology

I'm hopeful we get some unreleased Raver Baby stuff, but that's probably unlikely lol

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