Hardcore Uproar 2 (Mixed BY Rob IYF & Al Storm, Kutski, Alaguan & Eazyvibe)


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Link (Discogs.com or other): https://247hardcore.bandcamp.com/album/hardcore-uproar-2-mixed-by-rob-iyf-al-storm-kutski-alaguan-eazyvibe
Label: "24/7 Hardcore"
Catalog number : ???
Year : "2023 - February"
Category: Request


Link Deleted

What's point no one wants low quality

K3V, you have been warned now for uploading and filling requests with 128kbps Bandcamp rip shite quality. This stops now. Nobody wants this horrible quality and your taking points for it like you don't even care. So this ends now.

Thanks in advance.

wow, genuine mistake, didn't even check quality, sorry.

also, it's not even about the points, I was just trying to help fill requests, wont bother in future.

Alright, i'm glad to see you didn't do it on purpose. Ripping from Bandcamp is not the way for filling requests, MP3 320kbps or Lossless (Any format) are more then welcome. Always check what the requester is searching for. But if MP3 is requested, and you want to fill it with Lossless it's allowed to do so! NOT the other way around! Hopefully you have now become a bit more acquainted with the Xprm.net house rules ;)

Please mind that all Bandcamp and SoundCloud ripping websites can only provide the quality of the s t r e a m s they have, which is 128kbps. Some ripping sites say they can rip in 320kbps, which is a lie.

I guess even using file converter that 128kbs and convert to flac will make quality better or worse but unsure as I have some low quality MP3 tracks that I have on my SD card I wanna convert them or re download them

If you have a bad quality audio file, it doesn't matter to what format it is converted, it will only ever be the same quality or worse. If you want better quality, you will need to re-download a higher quality version

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