Hardcore Underground 8 (Digital)

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Discogs or other URL: https://hardcoreunderground.co.uk/store/view/HUDSCD024
Catalog number: HUDSCD024
Year: 2020

I know it's very fresh but maybe someone out there wants to share it :D


Uploading files for premium only accounts is invalid. Not filled.

Anyone know how to get rapidgate premium ?

I will upload them to another hoster

Thank alot

You always get one , I'd buy it from the underground store wouldnt that be easier ? But thank you for the kind guys that shared this much respect

Thanks mate, Do you have the mix's to go?

Sadly not, I uploaded the files from above which hadn't the mixes either.

Psssssssssst if you're gonna fileshare albums you publicly claim to have supported through purchase after being called out for plagiarizing the mixes, don't use your real DJ name, which has already been linked to your real name. ;)

Last CD seems to be throwing a 502 all the time. Mind reupping man?

I've checked both sets of links, all working fine

Have you tried downloading from the last one?

I'll re-up the last one

top guy

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