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Hey, I hope you guys wanna help to get all the unreleased tracks of this artist! Here is the list of what I already got, I want ALL the rest! Please help!!! Please only upload unreleased tracks and promos, the released vinyls and webbies are not needed because I already have those! Let me know if you need anything from me, I will upload it for you!

5ve - Get Up (Teka B vs Hard Camp's RMX).mp3
Aphrodite - Ganja Man (DJ Camp's RMX).mp3
Camp's & Cy-Rus - Tokio Drift.mp3
Camp's & Cy-Rus - Tunk Tunk.mp3
Camp's & Gina - On Y Va.mp3
Camp's & Teka B - I Want To See It.mp3
Camp's - Break it Loud.mp3
Camp's - Crazy Night.mp3
Camp's - Disco Jump.mp3
Camp's - Electronical.mp3
Camp's - French Tek Megamix.mp3
Camp's - I Can't Stop.mp3
Camp's - Jump In Saulzoir.mp3
Camp's - Kill The DJ.mp3
Camp's - Les Rythmes Digitalis.mp3
Camp's - Megamix 2.mp3
Camp's - Megamix.mp3
Camp's - Nasty Girls.mp3
Camp's - Out Of Love.mp3
Camp's - Paranué.mp3
Camp's - Rubik (Bootleg).mp3
Camp's - Short Dick Man.mp3
Camp's - The Cocaine Bazztard.mp3
Camp's - The Jumper.mp3
Camp's - Unknown Destination.mp3
Camp's - Vibration.mp3
Chicago Zone - Scanner (Hard Camp's RMX).mp3
DJ Coone - Doggystyle (DJ Camp's RMX).mp3
DJ Coone - Love (Hard Camp's Remix).mp3
DJ Coone - The Return (Hard Camp's RMX).mp3
DJ Tiësto - In The Dark (Hard Camp's RMX).mp3
Dr.Phunk vs DJ Camps - Alarma (Original Mix).mp3
E-Max & DP ft Gave - All U Ho'z (Hard Camp's Remix).mp3
Fireball - What I Want (Brian C & Camp's Remix).mp3
Funky Tribe - Exotic (Teka B vs Camp's Remix).mp3
G Dee-G ft Camp's - Under The Sun.mp3
John Dahlback - Blink (Hard Camp's Remix).mp3
Justice - D.A.N.C.E (Hard Camp's RMX).mp3
Klap's - Return (Hard Camp's 2007 RMX).mp3
Polycarpus - Fuck You (Hard Camp's Remix).mp3
Pontiak aKa DNA Killerz vs DJ Camp's - Fuckin Bitch.mp3
Q-Ic & Coone - Overdrive (Hard Camp's RMX).mp3
Q-Ic & Ghost - Desire (Hard Camp's 2007 RMX).mp3
Relanium - Leel Lost (DJ Camp's Remix).mp3
Sean Paul - Temperature (Hard Camp's RMX).mp3
Stunt Crew & E-Max - Fuck That Hard (Hard Camp's RMX).mp3
Sweaty Men ft MC Lady - Party People (DJ Camp's RMX).mp3
Wordenz - Jumping Motor (DJ Camp's Remix).mp3


pls upload

Camp's - Short Dick Man.mp3
Aphrodite - Ganja Man (DJ Camp's RMX).mp3
Wordenz - Jumping Motor (DJ Camp's Remix).mp3


These are the ones I have that are not in the list.

Camp's - Crazy Night

Camp's - Kill The Dj

Camp's - Les Rythmes Digitalis

Camp's - Out Of Love

Camp's - Paranué

Camp's - Unknown Destination

Camp's & Cyrus - Tokio drift

Coone - Love (Hard Camp's Remix)

Fireball - What i Want (Brian C & Camp's Remix)

Pontiak aKa Dna Killerz Vs Dj Camp's - Fuck'in Bitch

PS: I'm desperately looking for the following full promo: "DJ Camp's & Gina - Kick the place"
I've uploaded the unfull version so you can listen. Maybe this track has a different name or so...
It is definitely from Camp's & Gina cause @ 00:17 you can hear "Camp's, Gina, here we go" and @ 00:43 "whooooo, Camp's & Gina"
Here are the links ( I also included a zippyshare link so you can pre-listen, making downloading not quite necessary ).
Big thanks for the person who has this in full and is willing to upload it for me!

Ps: I've made a new request about a couple of promo tracks with this one included but I decided to keep the request about this track in this message.

Very nice hope someone got more :D Thanks a lot :)

Request updated list

SHIT !!!! I don't know where you get all these tracks haha ! I didn't think so many tracks were on internet! If you want more, add me and ask on facebook "dj camp's" or add "jeremy camp's" ;)

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