H2oh Records - Web Releases 320/wav/flac

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Discogs or other URL: https://www.discogs.com/label/3359-H2OH-Recordings
Catalog number:
Year: 1997 - 1998

I am lookinh for some older H20h releases, web versions:

H2o15 - 3 Da Hard Way ‎– Original Rude Boyz - web

H2o19 - Omar Santana ‎– The Remixes - web

H2o26 - Omar Santana ‎– Audio Warfare - web

I already have the vinyl rips, I am only looking for the web version, in 320/wav/flac.


Like you know a WEB shop that sells (all remixes from vinyl) H2O20 or you just copy-pasted vinyl release names from discogs?

So copy paste is not allowed in a request?

Ths web versions were released in 2006 as stated on Discogs, in 2 releases.
Maybe on dance tunes or juno, dont know for shure, in those days I had the vinyls, thats why I am requesting here.

Copy pasting of info is, of course, legit and strongly advised, as it helps to find the request, which is a plus for both requester and request filler. Borgild means that it doesnt make much sense to copy paste vinyl release lists when you are looking for WEB releases, especially when it comes to old releases which often do not exist as WEB.

Direct linking to WEB version would be more relevant than generic link to label, especially since those WEBs do have entries at discogs. If you didn't notice mixes by Darrien Kelly, Rob Gee, DJ Paul and The Prophet that are present at H2O20's vinyl version are not included in those 2 parts of "Step The Fuk Back (Remixes)" WEBs.
So it's unclear if you expect someone to find these missing mixes "maybe on dance tunes or juno, dont know for shure" or just that lot from WEBs listed at discogs is enough to fill the request. If someone decides to buy you these WEBs now because "in those days you had the vinyls" that is

Ok man whatever you want. You should be an accountant.

I think the request is clear, but I will change it, so the people dont get confussed.

If I know where the tracks are for sale, I bought them myself en didnt make a request here.......

https://www.beatport.com and you can close the request then.
"Looking for release" by default means you expect an upload here, not "google for info about it for me pls". This WEB shop (quite well-known one) is like the next search result after discogs if you copy-paste "3 Da Hard Way ‎– Original Rude Boyz - web" line from your own request into search box

Thnx for the info, nice way for telling me!

It wasn’t a proper request, as Borgild mentiont.

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