[GTYMCD001] VA - Go Tell Yo' Momma! presents The Take Over

Request details: 

Discogs : https://www.discogs.com/release/9531194
Catalog number : GTYMCD001
Year : 2010
Quality : MP3 320 kbit/s


Does anybody still want a copy of this release?

wow, nice. Can you do a mixed wav with cue of CD1?

how harsh. I thought its a friendly and helpful community here.
Can you at least recommend any good application for doing it?

Friendliness does not mean everybody does things for free for you which you are to lazy to do yourself.

i dont know if thats a good point, half of the requests here the user can get by himself by downloading from deezer but the requester is just to lazy or dont know how to do it :P
but nevermind, sorry for asking for the mix


thanks for helping

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