Greazy Recordz

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mp3 / 320kb :)


might be a hot take, but I think all stream rips should be fake fills

Hm, also if a streaming service like Deezer offers all versions of tracks available (incl. extendeds)? And if yes, why?

Quality of Deezer stream downloads, FLAC and MP3, is good. Just because it's easily available it doesn't mean it's bad.

Why? They're not stream rips, but stream "downloads", no encoding, transcoding or any other action affecting quality is involved. Quality is exactly the same as you'd get by buying it as a direct download. If fact, most scene releases are stream sourced.

Actually they are stream rips but Deezer is nice enough to stream in high quality unlike most others who stream in 128kbps.

You do realize that there are two versions of each track and Deezer has the shorter ones, usually called edits, do you?

I hadnt realized that they were cutted versions.

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