[GLOBE333] Styles & Breeze - You're Shining

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Discogs : https://www.discogs.com/fr/Styles-Breeze-Youre-Shining/release/6251202
Catalog number : GLOBE333
Year : 2004
Quality : WAV / MP3 320 kbps


Streaming version contains only 6 tracks from this release. Trackitdown is offline for 2-3 days or more.


Trackitdown seems to be dead. Their website is down, there is no information on their Facebook and Twitter pages and angry customers seem to get no reply.

Does anybody have further information?

It's inconvenient idd but it happened earlier this year/at the end of the last year. It was also down for liek a week or so then got back online like nothing happened, it's a bit early to start the panic.
Their support just ignored my e-mails with complains about some tracks' non-lossless quality couple o'years ago so my impression on their level of customer's care is liek... not too high

Thanks for the info, Borgild. Their customer support seems to be rather bad... Their UI isn't that excellent either. They just have plenty of small labels which others don't (probably charge way less than Junodownload and Beatport).

TID was a popular exclusive shop for many UK hardcore labels + they wipe out old releases/tracks way less than Junodownload does. If it's closed it'd be quite a loss - at least as extra database for info and covers :( Also if you buy tunes in bulk then their TID:Pro subscription turns prices into liek best offer around that no greedy Junodownload or, say, toolboxdigitalshop.com can ever match. Can only think of Beatport as somewhat comparable if you're ok with mp3s and don't need fresh (released less than couple of months ago) tunes, they launch (up to) -50% discount campaigns quite often

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