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someone has it ?? :D :)


Where did you found that? I'm really and for sure wondering.

Is it really Gabber Piet's song ? I don't think so, cuz last song he released was in 1998 with Bass-D.

Good question, as no info about this track can be found online.
Maybe they dug up an old unreleased track by him and called it a promo.

Maybe it's true...but it seems like it was trimmed out of some mix or compilation. Pity is, that Gabber Piet(Piet van Dolen) isn't on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media. He just completely disappeard ://
I hope, that there will be some explanation soon

did you read nfo???:
Guess who entered tha scene once again ?
Be aware, Gabber Piet will be releasing his first new
EP since 2 years at the end of june.

Gabber Piet - Da Return

Hell no, it will be called : Omen - Good Times To Come
Watch out :))

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