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Full Promo's/Tracks Requests :

DJ Slam - Bangling
Furax vs. Slam - New Virus
Dark Dancer - Bradpsychie
Hydrot3k - Groove Like Austin
Hydrot3k - Geostigma jump mix
Atomik-V - X-Cess
Atomik-V - Extreme Torsion
Atomik-V - Cameleon
Atomik-V - Gentlemen Of Love
Atomik-V - Final Prophecy(technoprade rmx)
Atomik-V & Hydrot3k - Sonata extrem
Atomik-V vs. Hydrot3k - The Maniac
Atomik-V vs. Hydrot3k - Bad People
DJ Starzz - Fuck Jou
DJ Starzz - Kickgeven
DJ Gio - Mecanik
DJ Gio - No Escape
DJ Gio - Ravers Anthem
DJ Gio - The 7th Heaven
DJ Gio - Go West
DJ Gio - Time Flies
G X-Large - The Future Is Ours(original)
G X-Large - The Future Is Ours(remix)
DJ Yargo - Yeepa
Psaac - Bug
DJ Yargo vs. The Whisper - Ready To Party
Big Bang - Record
Big Bang - Resonance(remix by Sam Parker)
Big Bang – Automatic
Apollo Deejays – H-Style
Appolo Deejays - Mad Maker
Eddy Kin - Brain Distortion
Eddy Kin - Factory
Glowiej - Bad Houze
Glowiej vs. The Profilerz - Turn It On
Urisk & Vitani vs. Glowiej - Vibes
The Doctors - Panikabor
The Doctors - Crapteck-Hifi
The Doctors - Addicted 2 Kick
Cortex ft Joachim J - Devils Inside
Cortex ft Joachim J - Pathology
Robeen & Vandeck - Disturbed
Robeen & Vandeck - Kick This Fat Beat
Flytox - Vibrations
Flytox – I Feel
DJ Basik - The Key
Miss Faction - Rens
Miss Faction - African Rock
Dr Bass - Lost
Unknown - Kereden's Voice
The Pimp DJ's - Sixty-Nine
Activate - Energizer
Yalex ft Merlin's - Ob Session
DJ Khohner - Organetta
DJ Stabyl - Madness
Tom Van Der Beek - Paradise Chant
DJ Micc - Wake Up
Stefan Polland & C Mauro - Indian Preach
Sylver stone - Party Kick 2006
Shfaar - Gamshi Bittelma
Bootybouncer – The Drummer
Frank-Furt - Now
Immaginazione - Musica Del Futuro
Fly's Killers - Break Up
Knarf FC - Fortune Aka Oh Fortuna(Badger rmx)
Justin Andreas ft Damon Rex - Mental Friction
Spectral Energy - Arabian Spirit
Rhesus + - Self Control
M.H.K. - Danger
@Power - Over Limits
DJ Topher - Spaced Out
Knockout - I'm dancing To The Groove
Mike Mayo – Evolution(Black Hole 2005 rmx)
DJ Toff - Scarface
Samuel G - Spin The Record
DJ Bass - Rex
J & C - Apocalypse
Mystake - Hardhouse Style
Bass Man - Cryptex
The Expert - Obskur
Kevin M - Return
Drum's X-Perience - In Da Jungle
LG Project - Get Busy
Hypnose - Bumble Bee
Rhesus + - Let The Techno
Disco - Leemi See You Work
Spool Factor - Pitch Up
DJ Norman & Deaz D. – Bang To The Beat
Cherrymoon Trax - Cherry Moon Nation
DJ Phantom - Omelette
DJ Phantom - Ghostkiller
Poogie bear - Feel Da Beat
Michael Sanctorum - Midnight In Chicago(K'MOON 2006 remake)
Berry Morgana & Dr. Paddo - Sky Freakers
C.P.D.M.C - Electro-Cardiogram
Darry Fast - Au Bal
The Fluff - Joint Bass The Anthem(original mix)
Nameless Tribe - The Beginning
Klap's - Bedroom(J. Devil's megamix remix)
Total Bang - Lets Goooooo(Maxi klub mix)
DJ Andres - Jumpaz United(A&J rmx)
John Hoo And Sander Kapper - The Snake Trap
DJ Jones - Promo
Scott Marten & D-Tune - Heaven Of Hell
Dutch Jumperz - Hardsound(second mix)
Teqzone - Broken Vinyl
Teqzone Inc - Phantom House
Xtortion & Ponny - Hustler
M3galo Man - Oxygen
Roberto Narlito - Focus
Mario Black vs. DJ Zion - Shaker
Max Walder - Another Direction
Gozer - Black & White
El Capoene - Harder
Sid Vixus - Louder
Ma-Pe-Rook - King Of Heaven
999 - Trance-Action
Gang Of W - I Tecks
Vodka Brothers - Funky Noise
Cybertraxx - Musical Box
Minus - Anarchist Reason(Joachim J original mix)
DJ Kicken - Let's Talk About Sex
Brian NRG & Franky SL ft MC Da Mounth OF Madness - Kick Off(power mix)
SMB - Yeah!
Black Hole - Pump It
Hybird Theory - Ambition
DJ Merlin's - My Blow
Yalex - Don't Forget
Thombz vs D-tec project - the bass be loud anthem
D-tec project - bassinvasion anthem
Thomsy - dance with me (d-tec project remix)
Tom higen - tears
Candyman - Kiss The Girl
DJ LB - Armonica
2b4th - Never Alone(Juno mix)
Reeker - The Gigy Style
Raine - Overkill
DJ Massiv - Precious Dreams
DJ Genius - Screw It Up
Acrobat's - Electronik I
Big Bang - Bells Of God
DJ Adams - Invasion
DJ Endy ft G-tek - Feel The Heat(vocal bass forced mix)
DJ Matt ft Infilio - Lovestory(about a girl)
Enio Marconi - Winter Me
Flytox - Poison
Fred D & Peter J - Circus
Ian Van Hoff - Iceberg
Itraxx - What Is It(original mix)
Matilda Mendoza - Sunchin'
For A Jumper - For An Angel(Juno mix)
For A Jumper - For An Angel(Stormtraxx rmx)
Mr Pink - Funk So Brother
Rhesus - Hydrogene
The Retro Project - Das Boot(DJ W4cko's extreme makeover)
Tommy D vs. Miss LN - The Shadow Of Dance
Donkey Rollers - Atrocity
Enigmato - Bang Ya (Radio Edit)
Nagoom - 4×4
Nagoom - In my Mind
Unknown Analoq - Go Go Go Again
Stylo - Pain to Come
Novamatix – X – Pression


Donkey Rollers - Atrocity http://www111.zippyshare.com/v/2ZAZ7uJz/file.html
For A Jumper - For An Angel(Stormtraxx rmx) http://www73.zippyshare.com/v/rzVwLh5h/file.html
For A Jumper -For An Angel (Juno mix) http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/sYbIyjYr/file.html
The Retro Project - Das Boot(DJ W4cko's extreme makeover) http://www85.zippyshare.com/v/F1bXsjrP/file.html
DJ Adams - Invasion http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/0eOs0mHJ/file.html
Big Bang - Bells Of God http://www29.zippyshare.com/v/n22LTvKn/file.html
DJ Genius - Screw It Up http://www9.zippyshare.com/v/C0Szvl22/file.html
DJ Massiv - Precious Dreams http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/KClAiQe4/file.html
2b4th - Never Alone(Juno mix) http://www107.zippyshare.com/v/gzOZE8gh/file.html
Cybertraxx - Musical Box http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/07MmW0BM/file.html
Vodka Brothers - Funky Noise http://www103.zippyshare.com/v/VNwYT6Jc/file.html
Max Walder - Another Direction http://www40.zippyshare.com/v/kKEfyFiu/file.html
Roberto Narlito - Focus http://www80.zippyshare.com/v/mcMNXfPN/file.html
M3galo Man - Oxygen http://www114.zippyshare.com/v/uc8WyzqK/file.html

Edit your list please :)

& look this , more tracks is in your list > http://xprm.net/request/wanted-promos-list ;)


Dans cette liste il y en a une que je cherche depuis très longtemps "Robeen & Vandeck - Kick This Fat Beat" en Full version si quelqu'un a mais j'en doute fort Merci.


Psaac - Bug

The Doctors - Addicted 2 Kick

Cortex ft Joachim J. - Devils Inside

Cortex ft Joachim J. - Pathology

SMB - Yeah!

DJ Matt ft Infilio - Lovestory(about a girl)

Tom Higen - Tears

Reeker - The Gigy Style

DJ Andres - Jumpaz United(A&J rmx)

Robeen & Vandeck - Kick This Fat Beat

here you go ;) adjust your list for those you have allready ;) grtz

Dead links :C

lol weird :) my bad sorry ;) they are upping again ;) within few minutes there will be an edit on my reply ;) so watch out for it ;) grtzz

Reupload "Robeen & Vandeck - Kick This Fat Beat" Please

Thank You.

Lien is dead :s Reupload please ?

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