Full .NFO of Omar_Santana_-_Make_Some_Noise-(H2047)-Vinyl-2002-SQ

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Discogs or other URL: https://discogs.com/release/63890
Catalog number: H2O47
Year: 2002

It's from SQ's (not BOA's) rip, mind you
Already got the release but the version I have + the ones I could find around at usual sources are all the same one that's cut abruptly at one of initial lines after "Ripped By" :(
Probably night-impossible to find the full one by now for the release this old, but wanted to try...


I got one which ends with "Ripped By ........: Schaelleursli ÜÜ
°±²" (in ASCII)

Is that the one you got or do you want it?

edit: It's the same like on srrDB, so it's the one you got. Very probably released like that by Swiss Quality.

I dunno what other site other than srrdb provides nfos (at least for old scene releases that is) nowadays, ofc I checked it 1st.
"Ripped By ........: Schaelleursli" is exactly what I referred to in request notes, tracklist and nfo footer are obviously missing. Maybe initial SQ's upload failed, they didn't check and fixed it back then and so everyone ended up with this cut version of the nfo, dunno.
Doesn't look like anyone except admin (from current active users here) has "extended" access to scene stuff, not just labelscollecto's label packs, thus if he bothers to check and doesn't find full nfo then prolly it's safe to assume it never existed :(

Hello, I've tried to find a longer nfo, but without success:
2927 00_omar_santana_-_make_some_noise-(h2047)-vinyl-2002-sq.nfo_
2882 00_omar_santana_-_make_some_noise-(h2047)-vinyl-2002-sq.nfo__
2937 00_omar_santana_-_make_some_noise-(h2047)-vinyl-2002-sq.nfo___
2921 00_omar_santana_-_make_some_noise-(h2047)-vinyl-2002-sq.nfo____
2920 00_omar_santana_-_make_some_noise-(h2047)-vinyl-2002-sq.nfo_____

Maybe someone with access to Usenet, can check there.

I got it from Usenet, file was uploaded in 2007, exactly the same nfo :(

Doh, ok, then I guess it's pretty assured it was fooked up from the very start.
Thanks for all those numerous checks, guys! :)

[request can be closed]

Don't want to create another similar request so use this one in hope someone will see it while checking last comments :)


Everyone got cut nfo for this release too?

I've found 3 different nfos but all cut: 1488, 1460, 1486 bytes

Thanks for checking, admin!
Well, guess I shouldn't bother about these cuts and suggest that if the nfo that I had matches with srrdb version then it was just released this way :)

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