Frontliner - The Summer Of Frontliner 2 (12 Extended Mix Tracks)

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I don't think this exists. You have to compile your own extended version of this LP.

I could, but I won't. You can easily compile it yourself downloading all the extended tracks from 1Gabba.

And yes, the first entry on Frontliner's SoundCloud and the cover suggest that the entire LP is a free download but apparently only the first track Galantis - Runaway (Frontliner Bootleg) was.

Oh my god thanks for upload!

Rapidgator link please? That Krakenfiles has a download limit 3.2 kb/s at my place.

Russia. Looks like some company here wanted to remove some file from the filehost (e.g. DMCA), filehost didn't responded to the claim, so court blacklisted whole site w/o any terms or conditions to revert it xD

Yeah I'm Russian. I can't download Krakenfiles' uploads here.

KrakenFiles doesn't seem to be a normal company like Rapidgator. I can't find any legal information on their website.

Thanks :)

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