Faithless - Insomnia (Monster Mix)

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Catalog number: CHEKCD 010
Year: 1995

Hi. I feel stupid to ask for help a second time. I would like to repay you, unfortunately I have poor opportunities. I hope to finally see the release someone is looking for and be able to help.

I need help finding:

Faithless - Insomnia (Monster Mix) [8:40]

It can be a rip from any disc. On the discosg he saw a lot of releases with this release. I am open to every possibility.

I care about: 24/96 FLAC | Clean [not converted] or original - wave | Another lossless format with very high sound quality.

Will there be a good man to help? I care because these are childhood memories. They don't produce such music anymore. These are beautiful memories.


I listened to this timeless masterpiece a lof the past weeks and the original Monster Mix is definitely the magnum opus of Faithless.

If you are looking for any other CD/Vinyl release of Monster it shouldn't be hard to get but a 96/24 Flac which is better quality than .wav (= CD) will be only be obtainable if some fan recorded it from vinyl. (which doesn't make much sense in general as vinyl sound quality itself is way worse than the one from CD.., actually a 96/24 Flac recording make only sense if you do a direct recording from something, like nature sounds)

And, of course our website is also here to provide such easy to get all time classics. Just in case you are looking for another one, use the search option in case somebody else did a request before.

ps. I'm sure there's a even a mega super extended version out there by some Youtube guy. ;)

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Alpha Flight 1970 Recently I decided to return to my musical roots. I was a child then when such wonderful songs with a soul reigned on the dance floors. I remember learning to rip cassettes and my friend's older brother being a role model because he let us listen to his records. It's been a lot of years now, by that time I have listened to probably every genre, from rap to hardstyle. I had a lot of fun as a DJ, but my life took a different path, because now, unfortunately, anyone can be a DJ, and music is created without emotions, without sense. Of course, not every species. I respect techno, progressive, minimal and trance. However, I decided to come back to my memories, music created from the heart and full of positive emotions. I am thinking of creating a real collection - buying vinyls. I'm so old that it's time to start collecting. Thanks for the clarification. I have to read about ripping audio from records and vinyls.Thank you for your help.

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