[EPP010] DJ Bee & Overflow feat. Vision - Sunrise (Dougal & Gammer Remix)

Request details: 

Discogs : https://www.discogs.com/DJ-Bee-Overflow-4-Feat-Vision-9-vs-Dougal-Gammer-Sunrise/release/146973
Catalog number : Essential Platinum - EPP010
Year : 2003
Quality : MP3 320 kbps please (no vinyl)


does anyone actually have D&G remix of Sunrise by Angel City?

i do make a request

This is the request, upload it here.

this was a request for something else and was named incorrectly hence it been filled if not then it shouldn't be filled, wrong title and totally different discogs link :/

DJ Bee & Overflow ft. Vision & Angel City are completely different tracks they are not the same

I think both tracks, also DJ Bee & Overflow feat. Vision - Sunrise, are remixes of the Angel City track.

yeah different remixes of the same titled track, but what was asked for on this request was filled with something completely different therefore shouldn't have been filled, plus it's confusing when they put angel city on request but then put a completely different discogs link

No, Janku filled it right. Angel City is just not mentioned on the Essential Platinum vinyl and not even in the Discogs sub text.

His track is just named falsely.

Since Janku's link is down, why not post both tracks? The uploader can decide which one he actually wanted.

i don't have both tracks and the post is 2 years old

Yes, just listened. You are right. They are different tracks and the request info confusing from the beginning.

that's what i mean mate confusing .com lol

so some needs to make a request for angel city so that i can fill it?

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