Enur Feat. Natasja - Calabria 2007 (Club Mix) 320kbps


Found the track on Deezer, grabbed it in 320 and flac ... but sadly it is upscaled from 192kbps.
Weird, some tracks on that release are upscaled and some aren't. Dunno where Deezer sources their files from.

Couldn't buy the release even if I wanted to as it's geo-locked and I'm banned from buying it! (Don't feel like using VPN to beat the lock...)
And then record companies wonder why people pirate music??
Hopefully someone has this track in full 320 glory :)

Even the FLAC on Rutracker has low spectrum (192kbps) for this track... the hunt continues.

Deezer gets the tracks from the record companies of course. Might be the company fucked up the release from 2007 over the years.

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