Dougal & Gammer – Rainfall / Dance With Destiny 2003 (EPP011) (digital)

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Request details: or other URL*:
Catalog number*: EPP011
Year*: 2003

Looking for digital copies of the tracks at reasonable bitrates


Would CBR 192kbps be acceptable?

Absolutely! Some of these old EPP releases are tough to find in digital format so I certainly consider 192kbps perfectly acceptable if it's digitally sourced

I have a -=team XDS=- rip from 2003. It is digitally sourced. I will find it.

Brilliant, thanks! You're right, that XDS "vinyl" release is indeed digitally sourced

It's a pleasure. Let me know if you would like any other EPP digital releases.

I have another two open:

Would be amazing if you have any of those. Apart from them, the only other non-digital track from this label that I'm still looking for is EPP023B Mickey Skeedale ft. Jenna - Through The Darkness. Let me know if you have that and I'll open a request for it.

Argh, upon closer inspection it appears that my only copies of those other three releases have been ripped from vinyl, sorry.

(EPP023B) Mickey Skeedale feat. Jenna - Through The Darkness (Original Mix)

Where I got this track according to it is 320 Kbps but check and it is actually 192 Kbps if you like, take it

Nice one friend. Definitely seems digitally sourced. Good find, thanks!

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