Dougal, Gammer Essential Platinum 2002

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I am looking for some releases from Essential Platinum 2002

Just upload what you have - scene or non-scener, mp3 or other formats accepted
But avoid to offer transcodes, youtube rips and other mutt rips.

Here is a short list with scene rls names:

52 Dougal_and_Gammer_Feat._Lisa_Marie-Fuck_Me_Im_Famous-EPP052-WEB-2009-XTC

56 Dougal_and_Gammer-Horns_Of_Jericho__Dont_Want_This_Night_To_End-(EPP056)-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
57 Dougal_and_Gammer-Guitar_Hero__Hardcore_Turn_It_Up-(EPP057)-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
58 Mickey_Skedale_feat_Jenna-Trough_The_Darkness-(EPP058)-WEB-2010-HEARTBEAT
59 Dougal_and_Gammer-Boom_Ba_De-(EPP059)-WEB-2010-HEARTBEAT

61 JBC-Rok_1_Time-EPP061-WEB-2010-XTC

and anything from EPP070 to EPP082 (except EPP071, EPP079).

thanks so far =)


hi, thanks for reply.

Dougal_And_Gammer-Something_Good-(EPP052)-Vinyl-2009-CHC is EPP053. CHC has labled their release wrong.

So, I am still looking for EPP052
(e.g. Dougal_and_Gammer_Feat._Lisa_Marie-Fuck_Me_Im_Famous-EPP052-WEB-2009-XTC)

thanks a lot!

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