Dominator - We Will Prevail Album (Extended Mixes)

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Hi, i am New with mp3 ? What means upscaled? Maybe a 192kb mp3 convert in 320kb? And if yes, now is it possible to notice it ?

azp1996sam's link explains most things nicely.

If you downscale a track to a lower bitrate (e.g. FLAC -> 320kbps mp3 or 320kbps mp3 -> 128kbps mp3) data gets lost, sound quality gets worse and the file becomes shorter. Some people think if you upscale the downscaled track afterwards it will be 320kbps or FLAC again, which is obvious nonsense as the cut data won't reappear magically. Also there are ripping websites for SoundCloud, Bandcamp and YouTube which give the possibility to download 320kbps mp3s. At least people think so and use it. These services just rip music streams the music websites provide and so could never give better bitrates than the streams are, which are 128kbps for SoundCloud and Bandcamp and 192kbps for YouTube. The 320kbps ripping offer is just a fake.
That Spek utility mentioned in the link above is quite fine. Play a bit with files you know to be correct and you'll quickly realize what you need to pay attention to to check bitrates.

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