DOK & Frisky - Morning Light


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• DOK & Frisky - Morning Light (Album Mix)
• DOK & Frisky - Morning Light (Vocal Mix)
Year : 2002

Considering the Juno releases' quality, it must have been recorded with a microwave oven...
Maybe someone has it in more audible quality ?


If you're wondering about the "junodownload release's quality", I doubt you'll find any better as these doesnt sound any different than from when they were on imodownload (where I bought it)

Also, god damn is the vocals on that album mix horrible.

Do U still have those files ?

I do... but i've told myself never to fileshare something that's still readily available.

Basically 'oooow look at me with billy big bollocks, i have these tracks and won't share' You absolute melt, there is no point in commenting except to look good.

Just pay the 2 bloody quids for the track you want on junodownload. I've spent literally thousands of pounds to buy vinyls and other stuff, I don't exactly owe you any :P

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