DJ Robbo - Geos Feat. Becky - Raise Ya Hands

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Catalog number*: EERD 002

320 only. Both tracks if possible.


Unfortunately these are upscaled from 128kbps. Not sure if that's how they were released originally or not though.

Yeah. A large chunk of the GEOS stuff that was released on IMOdownload were below 192kbps.
You might get more luck with a Vinyl rip of EE002 (which is the same as EED002)

It amazes me that labels manged to get away with claiming 320 which are actually upscaled. Nice one for pointing that out Rene. I have this on vinyl, I need to try converting vinyl and see how it turns.

Personally, sometimes I still prefer 128kbps digitally sourced files over higher quality vinyl rips. The pops and cracks of vinyl rips really put me off, and then there's often problems with timing leading to rips that are faster or slower than intended. Then there's the problem of dirty needles, or the ripper using terrible EQs or volume, etc... Having said that, some rips are so good that one wouldn't even notice that they weren't digitally sourced. Q91's recent Raver Baby rips are absolutely top notch in that regard, for example.

Oh there were crackle and pops. But it also boils down to how much you're comfortable with cleaning away

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