Dj Paul - rainbow in the sky


WEB? Exactly as ROT146? With this cover? Source?
Afaik this exact EP wasn't ever released as WEB and if it was avl. years ago (say, at then it should have ROT046 cat# and probably corresponding tracklist too.
Your upload looks much like the same MAHOU's CDM FLAC rip, uploaded by hardhouse here, just encoded as MP3 (exactly same waveforms and length up to .001 sec/number of samples)... with typical settings for BC/PUTA/HCC releases.

„WEB? Exactly as ROT146? With this cover? Source? [...] Your upload looks much like the same MAHOU's CDM FLAC rip, uploaded by hardhouse here, just encoded as MP3 (exactly same waveforms and length up to .001 sec/number of samples) [...]”
Yep, it's WEB. Source:
You can download it by yourself and compare. When I added it here, I realized hardhouse was faster by 10 mins, just overlooked that. Sorry.

„[...] it should have ROT046 cat# and probably corresponding tracklist too [...]”
It isn't ROT046 (Discogs link), because tracklist is different. Same tracklist has ROT146 and Central Station's release, CSRCD50114. The cover suggests it's CSRCD50114, not ROT146. Just fixed that.

„[...] typical settings for BC/PUTA/HCC releases.”
It may suggests these groups probably also rip from Deezer/Tidal.

Doh, friggin region locks :S
Also I didn't notice it's Joint Stereo, not Simple/Full one, my bad. One of those streaming-services exclusive old releases that noone saw in WEB shops.
Well, w/e, it's just MP3 so not much of a difference if it's WEB or not and what cat# it should have.
Besides OP just asked for the track, no quality or source requirements so it's definitely more then he requested :)

I always avoid region lock if I can't find songs normally. Also I didn't find it on any WEB shop. Anyway, OP got what he want I think, that's the most important thing.

And how you avoid that region lock/can search cross-region (if that's not a big secret)? :O

Hmm, I thought you know because it's pretty intuitive. You need to have account on Deezer and Spotify. Most of stuff is just unavailable (it used to exist so unable to download) but, still, I found some songs I really needed.

The easiest method is Google. Just type „"song/release name" Deezer”. Google will give you links to albums, tracks and playlists. If you find album or playlist, some track names can be grey. Right-click on track name and open it in new card. When you'll see track page, it can be downloaded, otherwise you'll see "Page not found". When you'll find track page, but want full album press, Ctrl + U, F3 and type /album/. You'll find album link.

Deezer is much less popular than Spotify so sometimes you can find more by transfering playlist from Spotify to Deezer. Type „"song/release name" Spotify”. You'll see tracks, albums, playlists. To download it, add needed tracks or album to playlist and copy its link. Now go to page Log in to Deezer and Spotify via this page, paste the playlist link and cick Import. Some tracks from Spotify doesn't exists on Deezer then you'll see "Oops! What the Ek is happening ?". Otherwise, you'll see successful transfer and click "Open playlist" then "No thanks, open playlist". Some tracks won't load (dunno why).

You can also use Chrome app "SetupVPN". Completely free VPN (only requires creating account) which contain a lot of foreign countries' IP. Most of blocked songs are available in United States. Australia IP (actually Sydney that has GMT+10) is free which means, you can find new tracks earlier than normally. For example, I can download tracks from the next day at 4 PM my local time.

Some fun fact about VPN. You won't pay VAT if you buy songs through USA IP on Beatport. UK IP allows buying on 7Digital (I can't buy anything from here because of territory restrictions).

Well, I can d/l this region-locked album np after you supplied the album's link (with regular/non-Australian account and IP) but I still can't find this album through Deezer's search even when I'm logged in at Australian account with Australian IP.
So dunno, looks like if Google can't find it at Deezer then it works only through this perverted "find at Spotify, export playlist to Deezer" way :(

You can't find it via Deezer, because it's officially unavailable, but downloadable (really rare situation).
Tbh I mostly use importing playlist from Spotify because it's the most effective way despite of being the most complex method.

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