DJ Outblast vs. DJ Wicked ‎– Masters Symphony (MOHSP03)

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Absolutely not sure if this vinyl is released in WEB, I do have the vinyl already. Please WEB (if its released)

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Year 2001.


What about the Evil Activities remix? Does anyone have a WEB of that one? Or am I asking to much haha.

"Masters Symphony" is avl. e.g. at VA_-_Thunderdome_2012_The_Final_Exam_(20_Years_Of_Hardcore)-WEB-2012-HB.
WEB of Evil Activities' Refix is at hardtunes (doh) and there's upscaled version at Since probably buying is not an option for you then guess the one from Deezer should suffice

Both aforementioned tracks:

Full-length & unmixed version of "Dark Symphony" is n/a both as WEB or at any CD compilation

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