DJ MG - Bootylicious 1-8 (Full Tracks!)

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I am looking for these full tracks from Dj MG

Thanks in advance.

DJ MG Bootylicious Volume 1

01. Klap's - To Now Here (DjMG's Pump Up The Jam Intro).mp3
02. DjMG vs. Mousse T - Horny Acid Drop.mp3
03. DjMG vs. Bassment Jaxx - Wheres Your Parasite At.mp3
04. DjMG vs. Mariah Carey - Last Night The DJ Saved Africa).mp3
05. DjMG vs. Missy Elliot - This Is 4 My People.mp3
06. DjMG vs. Leki - Blue Cut Breaking.mp3
07. DjMG vs. Delerium - Silence Blamed (MG's Edit).mp3
08. DjMG vs. Nina Sky - Move Your Torsion (Final Mix).mp3
09. DjMG vs. Pharrell & Jay-Z - Frontin Reversity.mp3
10. DjMG vs. Pink - Get This Party Started.mp3
11. DjMG vs. Nelly Furtado - Forca (Remake Of Pedroh's Version).mp3
12. DjMG vs. Liberty X - Just A Little.mp3
13. Totalition - Otherside (DjMG's Braincracking Mix).mp3
14. DjMG vs. Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You.mp3
15. DjMG vs. Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart.mp3
16. DjMG vs. Beats International - Just Be Good For The New Style.mp3
17. DjMG vs. Pink - There You Go Electrostatic.mp3
18. DjMG vs. Beyonce - Baby Boy Empire Direct.mp3
19. DjMG vs. Missy Elliot - Work It Party Kick.mp3
20. DjMG vs. Black Eyed Peas - Energy Shut Up.mp3
21. DJ N!X & DjMG - Say My Tranceballers.mp3
22. DjMG vs. 2 In A Room - Wiggle The Lollipop (Radio Edit).mp3

DJ MG - Bootylicious volume 2

01 More Than Words Return.mp3
02 Where is the love.mp3
03 Illusion.mp3
04 Tell it to my heart 2005.mp3
05 Dichloro Aniline (DjMG's shut up remix).mp3
06 Catch F.M.S.mp3
07 The Power Of Love.mp3
08 The Ghetto Get Busy.mp3
09 U Remind E.T.mp3
10 Burn Fluffy.mp3
11 Holiday Imagination.mp3
12 I'm every Moving Woman.mp3
13 Seigneur In da Club.mp3
14 My Neck My Back.mp3
15 Crazy Town (miracle rmx).mp3
16 Trick Me.mp3
17 Slow Kamiz Song.mp3
18 Shine on me (game over).mp3
19 Tipsy Shiver.mp3
20 Whenever 69.mp3
21 Lose my Breath (extended mix).mp3
22 Just Lose Next Time.mp3
23 Give it to me.mp3
24 Next Joking Episode.mp3

DJ MG - Bootylicious Volume 3

01 Welcome To My World Naughty Girl
02 Busy Tranceballers
03 Illusion
04 Capella Bills
05 Milkshake Vodkapillz
06 Take Your Yeah
07 Whenever
08 Electrotipsy
09 Dark Accapella Forces
10 Acid Vibe
11 Next Milkshake
12 Charle's Stone (DjMG's what your waiting for bootleg)
13 Scrubs Distortion
14 Jump on the bells (DjMG just be good to me mix)
15 Tinkle Bell (DjMG's Imagination mix)
16 Bump bump bump
17 I Wanna Feel Like Dancing With Somebody
18 Genie in a bottle
19 Vagina vagary to the club
20 Numb Encore
21 Happy Frozen Beat
22 Jump in Jumpin (DjMG bootleg)
23 I just died in your arms (bootleg mix)

DJ MG - Bootylicious volume 4

01 Intro bootylicious 4
02 1 2 Step (radio edit)
03 Get Retarded
04 Pentagon Fiesta (DjMG bootleg mix)
05 Its like that
06 Soldier (Dirty Cash edit)
07 Sonar Karma (DjMG bootleg mix)
08 Forca Re-verb
09 Billy Jean Vodkapillz
10 Frequence (DjMG's appreciate me remix)
11 Sientelo Moordgriet
12 How Many Licks
13 How we do
14 Electronative (DjMG Heaven mix)
15 Drop it Like its hot
16 Wicked Switch
17 Aint Nobody (remake of Pedroh's version)
18 Illegal bills
19 Let Me Love U
20 Candy Ball (DjMG bootleg mix)
21 Signs"
22 Dip it low distorture"
23 Get Right
24 Rich Girl

DJ MG - Bootylicious volume 5

01. DjMG - Intro bootylicious 5.mp3
02. Mario Pieronni vs. Felix Project - Gonna Catch You On The Floor (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
03. Dark System - Chicken Duck Fight (DjMG's Dirty Cash mix).mp3
04. DjMG vs. Mariah Carey - I Can't Live Without You (full mix).mp3
05. DjMG vs. Toni Braxton - Unbreak this trip.mp3
06. DjMG vs. Beach Boys - Illegal Califorina Girls.mp3
07. DjMG vs. Beach Boys - Get Around 10 Torsion (shorter vocal edit).mp3
08. Dark System vs Usher - Caught Wide Space Up (DjMG bootleg mix).mp3
09. DjMG vs. Inaya Day - Drugging Wasp Keep Pushin'.mp3
10. DjMG vs. Ciara ft Ludacris - Oh.mp3
11. Lethal MG vs. 50 Cent - Just A Lil Bit Indus (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
12. DjMG vs. Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl.mp3
13. DjMG vs. Speedy ft Lumidee - Sientelo Moordgriet.mp3
14. DjMG vs. Ciara - Goodies.mp3
15. Blue Star - Sweet Dreams (DjMG's music is the answer).mp3
16. Club St Dexter ft. Akon - Lonelysurabaya (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
17. Jenny D Light vs. Missy Elliot - Lose Control (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
18. Sam Parker - Elastic (DjMG heaven is a place on earth bootleg).mp3
19. DjMG vs. Kelly Clarkston - Since You've been gone.mp3
20. DJ Greg C vs. Cher - Believe Color Sound (DjMG bootleg mix).mp3
21. Glowiej vs. Sophie Ellis Bextor - Get Over Energiz0r (DjMG bootleg mix).mp3
22. Binum vs. Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Chapter Nine (DjMG bootleg mix).mp3
23. DjMG vs. Keane - Somewhere only we go.mp3
24. Klaps vs. Marco Borsato - Ik Kan je niet laten gaan (DjMG bootleg mix).mp3
25. DjMG - Promis me (promo rmx).mp3

DJ MG - Bootylicious volume 6

01 Love Don't Let Me Go.mp3
02 Hollaback (Jump Edit).mp3
03 Chaos Theory (BootyJumpaz Remix).mp3
04 Big Brother (Dj N!X ''You Got The Love'' Rmx).mp3
05 Just A Little More Love.mp3
06 Locked Up.mp3
07 Turnin Me On (BootyJumpaz Rmx).mp3
08 Pon De Replay (BootyJumpaz Rmx).mp3
09 Lose Control (BootyJumpaz Rmx).mp3
10 Element I (Special BootyJumpaz Rmx).mp3
11 Bootylicious.mp3
12 This Record Es Foutu (DjMG bootleg mix).mp3
13 Don't Lie.mp3
14 Ass Like The Bass (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
15 This Love.mp3
16 The World Is Mine (DjMG bootleg mix).mp3
17 Sientelo.mp3
18 We Belong Together (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
19 Re-Bounds (DjMG's Its a fine day bootleg mix).mp3
20 My Hump.mp3
21 Dont Cha (jump project theme.mp3
22 Behind These Hazel Eyes.mp3

DJ MG - Bootylicious volume 7

01 [Dj Pim ft. Dj Massiv vs. the Rebel] High volume (Bootylicious remix)
02 [Dj Pim ft. Pussycats Dolls] Don t Cha (Dj Pim Bootleg)
03 [Dj Pim ft. Dj Coone] The Return (Drop that beat battle mix)
04 [Dj Pim ft. Kelly Clarkson] Behind these hazel eyes (Dj Pim Bootleg)
05 [Dj Pim ft. Black Eyed Peas] My Humps (Dj Pim Bootleg)
06 [Dj Pim ft. Kelly Clarkson] Since you been gone (Dj Pim Bootleg)
07 [Dj Pim ft. PartySquad] Wat wil je doen dan (Dj Pim Bootleg)
08 [Dj Pim ft. RMXCRW] Turn me on (Dj Pim Bootleg)
09 [Dj Pim] X-masJump (Dj Pim Bootleg)
10 [DHT] Listen to jumping time (DjMG Bootleg Mix)
11 [Greg C. vs Tom Novy] Nobody But You (DjMG bootleg mix)
12 [Doctor Bass vs Bob Sinclair] Kiss My Eyes (DjMG's Remake)
13 [Flytox vs Roger Sanchez] Turn Up The Vibration (DjMG Bootleg Mix-Zombie Intro)
14 [DJ Andres vs Pharrell ft Gwen Stefani] Can I Have It Like That (DjMG bootleg Mix)
15 [DjMG vs Anastasia] MF Out Of Love
16 [Greg C. vs David Guetta] Enjoy Stay (DjMG bootleg mix)
17 [Tranceball vs Rihanna] Pon De Calyptus (DjMG Bootleg Mix)
18 [DjMG vs Party Brothers] Dancehall Queen.
19 [Greg C. vs Gwen Stefanie] Luxurious Boy Bass (DjMG Bootleg Mix)
20 [Antonio and Cristiano vs Kelly Clarkson] Because of you (DjMG bootleg mix)

DJ MG - Bootylicious volume 8

(01) [D-Noizer vs Mary J Blidge] Fucking Crazy Without You (DjMG bootleg Mix 2nd Edit).mp3
(02) [Candyman vs Mousse T] Horny Tonight (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(03) [D-Noizer vs Candi] Kick The Love (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(04) [Babastyle vs Ne-Yo] So Sick Of Overdose (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(05) [Klaps (Greg C Remix) vs Westlife] Return Without Wings (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(06) [DJ Ba-Back vs Greg Kalas ft Chris Brown] Euphoria Run It (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(07) [DJ Greg C vs Black Eyed Peas] Pump The Drumline (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(08) [Scorp vs Janet Jackson] Love Will Never Do (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(09) [Major bryce & Eddy Kin vs Timbaland ft Missy E] Cop That Spider (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(10) [Chicago Zone vs Beyonce] Check On R2 (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(11) [DjMG vs Justin Timberlake] Like I Love You.mp3
(12) [DjMG vs Ciara ft Missy Elliot] 1, 2, Step.mp3
(13) [DjMG vs Nina Sky] Move Your Torsion.mp3
(14) [DJ Coone vs Sean Paul] Say Temperature Again (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(15) [DjMG vs DHT] I just died in your arms (bootleg mix).mp3
(16) [Steve Bicknell] Lords Of Afford (DjMG's Music is the answer bootleg).mp3
(17) [G.O. Metric vs Joshua Kadison] Jessie (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(18) [DjMG vs Taylor Dayne] Tell It To Your Heart.mp3
(19) [DJ Ba-Back vs Greg Kalas] The Man From Planet X Pump's It Up (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
(20) [DjMG vs Kelly Clarkston] Since You've been gone.mp3


I've found cut versions (of the CD's) with all the tracks but not with the full tracks. Do you know if they were ever released as full tracks? Or any link to where the full versions are?

Got some coming up :) Hope someone got all the rest

Here are a few already :)

Antonio & Cristiano vs Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
Bio Hazard Vs David Guetta - The World Is Mine (DJ MG Bootleg Mix).mp3
Dark System - Chicken's Duck Fight (DjMG's Dirty Cash Mix).mp3
DJ Coone vs Sean Paul - Say Temperature Again (DjMG Bootleg Mix).mp3
DJ Massiv & The Rebel - Frequence (DjMG's Appreciate Me Remix).mp3
DjMG & DJ N!X vs Speedy & Lumidee - Sientelo.mp3
DjMG vs Beach Boys - Illegal California Girls.mp3
DjMg vs Chaka Khan - Aint Nobody (Remake Of Pedroh's Version).mp3
DjMG vs Ciara ft Missy Elliot - 1, 2, Step.mp3
DjMG vs Kelly Clarkson - Since You've Been Gone (Remastered Version).mp3
DjMG vs LP & Jay-Z - Numb Encore.mp3
DjMG vs Mariah Carey - I Can't Live Without You (Full Mix).mp3
DjMg vs Nelly Furtado - Forca (Remake Of Pedroh's Version).wma
DjMG vs Nina Sky - Move Your Torsion (Second Mix).mp3
Steve Bicknell - Lords Of Afford (DjMG's Music Is The Answer Bootleg).mp3


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