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Catalog number: ADN73
Year: 2007


There's non-scene rip with proper EAC settings and cue/log around, not exactly this scene release (with wrong/unknown settings used).

*** REPACK ***

The previous release did not comply to rule 7.3, which states that
the proof picture must include a small paper over the medium and/or
cover with the group name. Instead our paper with the tag was in
between the two.

And then we have rule 7.7, which says proof fixes are not allowed.
Unfortunately there is no other option than to re-release this.
Nothing has been changed to the audio files, only the proof and
directory name is different.

You can get it from rutracker [DOT] org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2365283
It's a non-scene version though, not sure if it's what you're looking for exactly. Definitely FLAC, and plenty of seeds right now.

edit: sorry, I accidentally filled the request. Set it back to 'open' if necessary.

Thx for the info, i will have a look.

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