DJ Crazy M - The Light (Flac/Wav)


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Looking for a clean copy of this as the version I have is distorted..

Please Check...!!


Hi Alpha, Nice to see you back :)

The version I have is very distorted and cut short.. I found the full distorted version where about 4 mins in lots of noise and cracking.

Yes, back in the house. ;)

Unluckily the one I have is the same trash with 3:54m. The other two tracks are correctly transfered, aren't they?

Botched pressing batch. I have three copies of "Interstate/Scott Brown - Forever Yours" for that same reason

I see I forgot to add "Might be" to my first sentence. I don't own this record, but considering the issue appears around the same time on 2 separate vinyls, it makes me thing it's a batch issue.

You misinterpreted us. We are both talking about .wav files from an unknown transferer. I have no idea what the physical vinyl record is like.

oh sorry. I assumed that both of you had a different source

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