DJ Bike / DJ Promo* – Hardcore For Life Part 2


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Catalog number: SORL 015 CDDP


to the requester: If you don't point out what you want exactly and somebody uploads it in different quality than you want to have: shut up. It's your fault. TTT made it right.

Mp3 quality ok, but pause between tracks are very HORRIBLE

iPZ's release got splitted/solo tracks' version of this mixed compilation so he refers to noticeable skips between tracks (when a track switches to the next one).
Tried merging through mp3directcut or upscaling to lossless - couldn't fix those skips, at least not from this exact CD rip version

Only part of cd 1 has been uploaded, the second download file is the same as the first, please upload the second part of cd 1, thanks

Thank You Alpha

Thank You very much!!!

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