Devin Wild – The Journey Extended Releases in Lossless

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Catalog number: Scantraxx Special – SCSP062
need all extended,except track7,9,11


still want the extended in lossless,who can provide?

i actually know,i just mean that i want to get the extended version of these tracks,not the album

Then collect them yourself.

This is website for and by dedicated collectors, not a wishing well.

no you don't know my mean bro.the album doesn't have extended but all the tracks in this album had released extended version in single.i just want someone can collect all the single extended releases

Request each of the singles one by one, is what I presume the rules are. You are requesting The Journey, and that's exactly what you've been served.

very sorry man,i didn't notice this rule actually.i think the request should be deleted

also sorry to alpha flight.i did a really
fcking fool job while asking this album

It's okay. Q91's hint is the best you can actually do. If you are lucky you'll get all extended single releases in lossless.

Also, Alex... sorry for being rude from my side but we have a lot of leechers here who impertinently demand things.

that‘s all right.and i'll notice my behavior later

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