Delete & Tha Watcher - Payback (Cryogenic Edit)


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This has never been free released, it was a big troll. Funfact: I've sended Cryogenix the Earth, Wind & Fire - September (Shitty Flute Edit) and he made an edit of it. Played it live at Dominator, everyone got trolled big time. So don't get your hopes to high for this free release unfortunately..

What about all the others supposed "free" release on his soundcloud? only one can be download. All of them are troll?

No, it's because the lame Soundcloud only provides 100 downloads for each account, he is going to fix that when he is back from holiday he told me. He will send me a folder with all those free releases in it, when i receive it from the him i will share it on Xprm. Almost sure it will be lossless files so you'll have to make a new request with FLAC included instead of MP3. If you really want it in MP3 files i will arrange that it will be included in the the folder i will share.

Great to hear, thanks a lot

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