Darren Styles - Save Me (Re-Con Remix) (320) (extended mix)

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Not sure if this ever had a proper release but I’m sure the master was leaked back in the day, I’ve been searching for a while and had no luck. It’d be much appreciated if anyone has this laying around.


Not sure if you are aware, but there was a file dump of some unreleased Raver Baby tunes a while back, ranging from 192kbs to 320kbs in quality

This is in there: Darren Styles - Save Me (Squad-E Remix) - but ONLY 256kbs :(

Sorry it's not ideal, but if you can't get it from anywhere else...

Sorry, ignore that - I read it as Squad-E remix, not Re-Con remix...


Thanks but I’m pretty sure that’s a timestretched version of the Hypasonic remix

How long is the extended version? I have a 4.58

That’s the one!! Thanks a lot!

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