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(DMR 003) Mike Newman - Dubble Dubby WEB 320kbps

(DMR 004) Peat Jr & Fernando - Let It Be Love WEB 320kbps

(DMR 006) Suta Sutassi - Sex Money Honey WEB 320kbps

(DMR 008) Bass Ball - Your Eyes 2007 WEB 320kbps


You could have skipped uploading several of these.
_Peat Jr. & Fernando - Let it Be Love (Klubb Traxx Remix)_( is a pitched up stupid edit
_peat-jr-and-fernando-let-it-be-love-cool-lads-extended-remix.mp3 is a never released remix, not on Dancemania
01_320 peat-jr-and-fernando-let-it-be-love-klubbtrax-mix-edit.mp3 this one is actually 320, thanks for that!
01_320_missing_end Peat JR & Fernando - Let it be love (http records)_( - same as the previous and does lack the end
02_256 Let It Be Love (Klubb Traxx Mix).mp3 - I uploaded this before, also in 256
04_256_Peat. Jr & Fernando - Let It Be Love (Mike Newman Remix)_( - same here, also 256
05_256_Peat Jr & Fernando - Let It Be Love (Naksi Vs Brunner Mix Edit CUT).mp3 setrip, pitched up, could have been skipped
06_256- Let It Be Love (Naksi vs. Brunner Remix).mp3 - uploaded already, also 256
08_ 320 PEAT JR. & FERNANDO - Let It Be Love (RMX BY PULSEDRIVER)_( - legit 320k remix, thanks for this!
Peat Jr & Fernando - Let it be love (Ckr Remix) 320.mp3 - I never had this before, thanks.

01 Mike Newman Dubble Dubby (Original Club Mix).mp3 - is 128k, I could upload the 320 of this.
02 - Mike_Newman_-_Dubble_Dubby.mp3 - this is the Náksi vs. Brunner Rodina Remix Edit in 320, thanks
04 - mike-newman-dubble-dubby-naki-vs-brunner-rodina-remix-edit.mp3 - same thing uploaded twice again
05 - Mike Newman - Dubble Dubby (Freddy Hawk Remix).mp3 - I also have a VBR version of this, not sure if this exists in proper 320 out there
0x_mike-newman-double-dubby-freddy-hawk-remix-edit.mp3 - thanks for this, this is also VBR

Since you posted some unofficial remixes, I'll step in too.
Dubble Dubby -
(Original Club Mix) 320
(Club Gangsters Party Revolutions Remix) 192 - they were huge in the Hungarian scene between 2005 and around 2009, they remixed almost everything
(DJ Flame Remix) 320 - this one is also unofficial, but it's really good Dancecore
(PlasticBoys vs. Plastic DJ Team Remix) 320 - as an added bonus, I prefer the Flame version.

yes, i could've skipped, but in case your upload will be gone, this is newer and more "complete", for archival purposes...
just wanted show appreciation to rocco because he uploaded some stuff i wanted.
if some of that helped you as well, i am glad.
also while searching i had to listen to the tracks, and "Let it Be Love" is actually nice, and i never heard it before.
the sources for all those files are "shady" so even if some are 320 i would check their spectrum, could be reencodes.

It's the English version of the song Szerelem Száll (Love Flies). Here's what I have of that.

Not on the official release - (Mike Newman vs. Dancerockerz Remix) VBR. I think the singer name I misnamed, and it should be Sheela...
And here's a scene release of it, Peat_Jr._&_Fernando_-_Szerelem_szall_(Maxi)-CD-HU-2006-HMT.

1. Szerelem szall (Main Radio) (3:32)
2. Szerelem szall (P&F Party Radio) (3:40)
3. Szerelem szall (P&F X-tended Party Mix) (6:13)
4. Szerelem szall (Naksi vs. Brunner Club Mix) (5:31)
5. Szerelem szall (Dj Paz Italo Mix) (5:33)
6. Szerelem szall (Catana vs. Berdy Club Mix) (5:40)

Bonus tracks:

7. Hianyzol '06 (P&F Progressive Remix) (6:08)
8. Ujra dobban a sziv '06 (P&F Klubb Traxx Mix) (5:09)
9. Hungarian Drummers (P&F Full Original Mix) (6:48)
10. Itt a nyar (Peat Jr. Party Mix) (5:09)

Please re-upload on Krakenfiles.
(DMR 003) Mike Newman - Dubble Dubby WEB 320kbps

Stepping in again. I know you don't look for non-WEB releases or sub 320kbps ones. However, there's this:

Naksi_Vs.Brunner_-_Parade_2005-(DMR002)-Vinyl-2005-FMC.rar - this repeats the original mix, the Peat Jr. & Fernando trancecore remix and the Pulsedriver remix, but it includes a very solid DJ Newl & Jay Cortez techno remix that seems to be vinyl only. Shame! It's pretty good!

Also, here's Naksi_vs._Brunner_-_Rodina_(Incl._Mike_Newman_Restyled_Mix)-(DMR001)-WEB-2007-CW7. Seems to include all eight versions, and in 320 kbps, so this should be useful!

I also have the Pop My Cherry maxi from D.O.N. Tekk (typo on Juno saying Don Tekk - Náksi vs. Brunner alias like Stereo Palma). But that's 256 kbps and non-scene. Are you interested in that? I also have the Somewhere Over The Rainbow release but that lacks the edits, has VBR quality, and I stupidly renamed the folder name in 2008, don't think it's a scene release either.
Edit: NVM, found it as a scene release, but it's not for Dancemania, but Klubbstyle Records and vinyl.

I'm interested in those :)

Okay, thanks a lot aGGyunit! Press the fill button, filled.

just in case you interested i have also the following:
which has don tekk remix and edit
let me know if to upload it.

Jhfjlsfkju (cool Name :) ) plz upp them :)

If you want them, register and open a new request. No upload here, because it's not from Dancemania!

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