Crypsis - Crypsisstatement 1 [CD] [WAV/FLAC]


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Catalog number *: Minus is More - MINUS003
Year *: 2009

Not the WEB version! And not the vinyl!


Out of curiosity, why do you search for that CD rip in particular? Is there any difference with the web version?

I suppose it's a collectible.

I collect CD, Vinyl and Web releases. Usually musically there is no difference at all. Sometimes Web re-releases have a different sound spectrum than the original CD (rule: the older the CD the higher the chance the Web re-release spectrum is different). In rare cases e.g. vinyl records have different mixes than e.g. CDs, even some promo/test vinyls have slightly different mixes than the shop release.

All in all it's collectors craziness.

In above case musically there is no difference.

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