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I'm looking for all albums (all were released for free). Since official site is down I can't find working lins and most torrents doesn't have seeds.


[COCD001] Crush On Hardcore (09.04.07)
[COCD002] Crush On Hardcore 2 (09.10.07)
[COCD003] Crush On Hardcore 3: A New Era (24 03.08)
[COCD004] Crush On Hardcore 4 (13.07.09)
[COCD005] Crush On Hardcore: The Album That Was Called V (30.03.10)
[COFREECD001] Crush On Hardcore: Sequel Of The V (10.08.10)

but there is one trouble with archive - all files in one folder, so after unpacking you should manually create CD folders and sort/move mp3 files there.

Holy shit! That was ultra fast! THANK YOU!!!! :D

it was fast, because i uploaded it some time ago for other man

what would it take to get these reuploaded please ?? Can't find them anywhere :-(

Any idea if other editions are available somewhere in lossless?

I couple have the wav option, Mixed By Lee UHF & Andy Freestyle on COH4 is one of them.

Hope this helps buddy.

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