Clubringer - Happy


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Year*: 2002

Especially interested in track "Happy" (Radio and Extended versions) in MP3 320 quality.

(stop mentioning Flac in your request, next time it will deleted! /AFL)


Files metioned on sites in Discogs description were at 192 kbps, so I think there is almost no chance that you will be able to get this in 320 or flac, since I don't see it being released on some compilations or stuff like that

Have you read at all what is written in this link? "A South Korean woman "YeseulE*" claims Janardana sent her the CDR set on her website." Good luck finding non-existent things. Max what you can get is scene mp3 192 kbps.

btw I've already found scene mp3 192 kbit, hope to find smth in better quality

So give up hope then. You won't get anything better unfortunately.

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