[CLANS002] Frantic vs Impact & Resist - Spending My Time (Original Mix) (Digital)


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Discogs or another link (NOT Youtube)*: https://www.discogs.com/release/847497-Frantic-v-Impact-Resist-Spending-My-Time
Release catalog number*: CLANS002
Year*: 2007

After a digital version of the original mix. Please don't post a vinyl rip or the Impact Xclusive Mix, thanks.


I can't remember ever seeing any of the Return of the Clans being released digitally (outside perhaps a CD-promo). At least not on IMOdownload, which would have been Frantic's first place to upload them to.

Yes it was a lonh shot request. I seen someone had the master of Gammer & Frantic 'Braveheart 2006' and thought I'd try my luck.

I would be surprised if that remix, as well as Spending My Time weren't on any CD-Promos

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