Bass Chaserz - Extreme Aggression (Short Mix) [FLAC]


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Catalog number*: Nightbreed Records - NB009
Year*: 2015

4:19 or 4:17

Not from compilation!


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It's identical to deezer's one from "Ground Zero 2015" compilation. Apple Music & Spotify offer extra option as part of "Raw Hardstyle Vol. 4" compilation but that's it. Hardly there's solid proof (only hope) this short mix was ever available exactly as lossless and exactly as single anywhere or that it had any differences with its WEB compilations' versions

It's defo not from Deezer i can assure you. But i spoke to Bass Chaserz and he told me that the ones from the complications are identical with the short mixes he has in his collection. So if he would share that file from his collection trough dropbox or whatever, you have the exact same file. Just to get this straight ;)

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