[ATH070] Darksucker ‎– Call Me


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Discogs or other URL: http://www.discogs.com/Darksucker-Call-Me/release/79149
Catalog number: ATH 070
Year: 2002


Haha, yes I'm into Anthem complete label these days
Thanks for helping!

yea this label was incredibly prolific back in the day (esp 2002-2005) :) this and Suntec
i have lots but still missing some of the older pre2002 stuff

and to think most of the stuff on BOTH sublabels was produced by just the 2 guys lol!
Lorenzo de Preti & Scandolari _o_ esp their hardtrance (melodic) stuff will always be some of my fav trax

The cut B2 of this vinyl is just insane. A track with such personality that reminds to the sound of 59 Records. I got this on vinyl too!

B2 (alTRONIK) is def the better one on the bSide here thats for sure :)

i guess you are more for the screech while im def more for the mello and i dont remember any 59R ever had anything resembling a melody tho lol, except maybe "V" :)

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