A*S*Y*S* ‎– Acid Save Your Soul (CSR CD 5243)


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Catalog number: CSR CD 5243
Discogs URL: http://www.discogs.com/ASYS-Acid-Save-Your-Soul/release/447713
Year: 2005


That's actually not the Central Station CD which lacks the two bonus tracks, but Blob obviously didn't care.

I re-opened the request because I want the Central Station CD for collector's craziness sake.

Would those be the PVD Edit of No More Fucking Rock'n'Roll and We Call It Aciiied!? These are put onto a single track on the CD (#12) with a 90-second silence in between those.

I've got that in FLAC as well and the vinyl and WEB. I know it's weird I want the Central Station CD as it's the same minus bonus tracks, but as I said: collector's craziness. ;)

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